Garlic Lemon Roast Chicken Heaven

I am a complete sucker for oven roasted chicken. There is something magical that happens in the oven, especially if you stuff something extra under the skin of the bird. And, once you get over the fear of it, and use my super trick below, it is as easy as can be. This week I decided to give Toni’s recipe a go (from one of the many roast birds on my board) and it was worth the adventure, especially with the week I’ve had.

I am a language teacher assistant here in Spain and we are screaming toward the end of the trimester. While my position means I’m not flirting with crazy as much as some of my colleagues, I’ve been spending 12 plus hours a day at school this week. During my breaks meals I have been tucking into a bit chicken and couscous and it has made both a delicious and brain refreshing repast. It even seems to make thinking in Spanish and attempting to speak in Galician a bit easier.*


Check out that beautiful chicken!

(*There is no scientific evidence that this meal makes it easier to think or speak additional languages. The author is likely experiencing a placebo effect due to stress.) Continue reading


Green Soup Goodness

There is a soup for every moment, every person, and every climate. It’s kind of like music in that way.

This weekend I was browsing through Pinterest when this recipe for caldo verde, which means green broth in Portuguese, showed up in my search feed. Someone else on the food and drink page must have been feeling nostalgic for Portugal as well. Though are you allowed to feel nostalgic for a place 24 hours after you left it? Perhaps inspired by would be a more apt phrase. But I digress.


America’s test kitchen left me high and dry recipe wise, so I allowed myself to search Pinterest for another recipe for this tasty soup. And found a great base recipe from Easy Portuguese Recipes.

What goes into it

Caldo verde is, at its core, a poor man’s soup and, because of that, is delicious and affordable. Continue reading

Destroyed by Gnocchi

Along with my beautiful tulips my most expensive meal this week destroyed my budget and my heart.

The original recipe can be found at Cooktoria, by Tania Sheff. Her recipe is inspired by her ukrainian home. It was the lovely pictures of browned gnocchi which reminded me of cooking gnocchi with leftover mash potatoes with my grandpa. The lovely dose of mushrooms didn’t hurt either. (I really, really love mushrooms)


What goes into it

I work to follow the recipe to the letter, but Galicia is not a cosmopolitan hub and, as such, I am forced to make some unplanned, but tasty, alterations to the original recipe.

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Pink tulips hijack budget

The last bunch of pink tulips called out to me. Take us home, they said. We are meant for you, they said.

I knew I was approaching the top of my 40 euro budget for the week, but, despite my reservations, I soon found myself walking away with a dozen pink tulips, some baby’s breath and beautiful purple sprigs. There goes the budget for week one. Crap.

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Menu Pin Down: Week 1

Here goes nothing. My first week pinning and eating. I must say I am terribly intimidated by the whole process. What if I forget to take pictures? What if they suck? What if the food sucks and I still have to eat it. Really that is my biggest fear, bad food, but that is also the adventure. Noshing my teeth however will get me nothing; onward and upward it is then. Here goes nothing…

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